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CCTV System Design

Multi-Tech Electronics CCTV systems is designed and installed using the very latest technology. When deciding if you need a CCTV system, the decision should not be taken lightly and managing your system needs a lot of thought. Leave it to the experts! 

Benefits of installing CCTV SystemCCTV INSTALLATION KZN

Surveillance can not only be used as a security measure but can also be tools such as management tools, Production Control, Theft Prevention,  Diagnostic Tools, Analytic Systems, Traffic Monitoring, Access control systems, Text overlay systems, Remote Monitoring Systems, Event detection and more.   CCTV Maintenance services For any CCTV surveillance system to function optimally in the long-term,it  has to be regularly serviced and maintained.

Hikvision manufacture ColorVu camera systems with 24/7 colourful imaging. Guarantee video footage with colourful detail even in extremely low light


Hikvision ColorVu Cameras’ powerful ability to capture details in low lighting comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced lenses and high-performance sensors. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colorful details when you need them.