Intercom Systems For Domestic Or Business Purposes

Home intercom systems are a great convenience if you have to answer a gate 400 meters away.

Choosing the wrong intercom configuration will make you frustrated while throwing your money down the drain.

Wired or Wireless?

Wired Home Intercom Systems

We are so used to intercoms having to be wired that the idea of looking for a wireless alternative seldom crosses our mind.

Perhaps you’ve had your fair share of cable trouble; damage caused by gardeners and contractors.

Lightning seems to find them at some point and creates even more headaches.

I’m not suggesting that wired home intercom systems are obsolete. On the contrary, there will always be good reasons for having them around.

  •  No monthly running costs.
  •  Not having to think about charging the handset overnight.

Wireless Home Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom systems are a relatively new development.

So, you may be somewhat skeptical about trying any of them out.

We’ve been supplying and installing these units with a very high degree of success. The most important aspects to consider before deciding on a system are:

Wireless systems has a lot of great features that are designed around our “on the go” lifestyles.